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Toronto, Canada Area

Government Relations




  2. Jewish Foundation For The Vision Impaired, 

  3. Financial Adviser


  1. Colel Chabad

  2. Bnai Brith Canada, 

  3. West Coast Chabad-Telethon Education

  4. Lubavitch World Wide Headquarters/770

Where your our priority 
Groups and Associations:
Prime Minister of Canada the Honorable Justin Trudeau, Former Prime Minister of Canada the Honorable Stephen Harper - Minister of National Defense of Canada Peter MacKay - Colonel Pierre Lamontagne, liaison officer at CF usafricom - Former New York State Governor David Paterson - West Coast Chabad CEO Rabbi Chaim Cunin
Honors and Awards:
“Please allow me to reiterate my appreciation for the work carried out by JEWISH FRIENDS OF THE CANADIAN ARMED FORCES. Your efforts are very welcome and I wish to express my deep thanks to you and your organization.” Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defense, Canada.


Executive Director


March 2008 – Present

The Jewish Friends of the Canadian Armed Forces (JFCAF) operates one of Canada’s largest networks of non-sectarian educational and social service programs. 
These grassroots programs proudly reach out and assist military personnel regardless of background or belief.
While our military men and women, whether serving on military bases in any of the Provinces or around the world, courageously fight the physical war, the JFCAF offers help to fight their ‘spiritual war’. 
We offer those in the military and their families spiritual guidance, counseling and try to provide answers to some of life’s most perplexing questions.
JFCAF lifts the troops spirits no matter where they are stationed, bringing entertainment for our troops all year-round – enabling all personnel to experience a bit of home, a smile and spiritual uplifting.
JFCAF also works with chaplains of all faiths to accommodate the needs of Jewish members of the military related to Jewish holiday leaves and other religious opportunities such as ‘mazel tov’ family occasions. 
For all members of the military and their families who might benefit from learning about Jewish history, heritage and holidays, JFCAF provides traditional foods and refreshers.
JFCAF is not affiliated with the Armed Forces. It is a non-profit social service organization.


Founder & Executive Director

Jewish Foundation For The Vision Impaired

November 2005 – Present 

The Jewish institute for the vision impaired serving blind Jewish communities in the greater NYC NJ-US Quebec Canada Area’s 
our objective is as well to provide to them the Light of Torah and Jewish tradition in the greatest way possible.


Executive Financial Adviser

September 2017 – Present


Helping poor and hungry people in Israel who do not have food to eat.

Colel Chabad

2007 – Present


Advertising and Marketing

Bnai Brith Canada

February 2011 – February 2012 (1 year 1 month)

Communicate effectively at all levels of the organization, and pursuit successful campaigns and new initiatives.


Director Of Media Sales

West Coast Chabad-Telethon

September 2006 – March 2008 (1 year 7 months)

Worked as the Director of Marketing for the Farbrengen magazine at the West Coast Chabad Headquarters. 
Was promoted to Director of Media sales for West Coast Chabad. 
Among other outreach and general responsibilities at Chabad Headquarters, gave a weekly Talmud Class to members of the community.


Lubavitch World Wide Headquarters/770

​Rabbinical College of Canada
Jewish/Judaic Studies

Received Rabbinical Ordination By former Chef Rabbi of Quebec Rabbi Pinchos Hirschprung OBM

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